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Deleting memories, deleting the past, going through instagram photos, to they match. Discard, confirm, goodbye. Will remember less, feel better, hiding not from you but from my memory.  It's okay to delete a photo you don't like anymore. Maybe you no longer like the style, or the subject, the filter, or the composition. Or maybe it didn't get enough likes or comments. At the end of the day, nobody cares but you. There's no room for ruminating via insta. Cringe worthy at the site of old photos, what do they say about you? I recently ask the editor of a newspaper I wrote to please remove my photo because I didn't like it. Not only do I find it extemely unflatter but it's also reminds me of a bad time in my life. His response was archaic in my opinion: Hi Karen. I received an email from Peter letting me know you have asked to have your picture removed. As a journalist you know how important it is to maintain the historical record of the communities we cover. We only remove items from our website for legal reasons. So unless there is a legal reason I can’t remove the picture. I pretty much left it at that. If you love the photo make sure you have a backup. Don't want to feel bad or or sad every time you look at your gallery. It doesn't even have to be a picture of your ex. Maybe it's the trees you'd go and look everytime you got into a fight. Maybe it's a cute picture of your dog, but he's on a floor you thought you were falling through five years ago. What does that photo say about you, who you associate with. What you have to say, your state of mind. As with any other cleanse, you'll feel so much better when it's done. First, I started at the top, and looked for anything that stood out like a sore thumb. Then I when to the middle where I cringed. It all about feelings for me off and some off brand content. At the bottom, I started with my neice who I noticed at one point commented asking why I even had photos of her on instagram. So much for proud aunty. Looking at photos of laundry matts and my dog on the beach at. These are my story. My dog, me, beach. Marc Jacobs flats, flipflops. Get rid of time sensitive, clean up the copy. Scroll back in time to when your content creation strategy was non existent. Don't even get me started on my first three posts (.)(.) in 2011 before realized Instagram was more than a photo filter app. Start by trimming the fat. Screen shot some duds (or faves) and add them to your stories. Photos of your ex. 

I've been locked out of Insta all day. What's going on? I had the FOMO feels big time, and everything else around me also felt like it was crashing. I was lost and realized WOW who am I without Betty Scoop?

I've made attempts to disconnect before, for like and hour, because I get so distracted. Do not even think about posting a photo and then trt to work. PUt my phone away, pull you under the table. got serious. for one hour.

DO NOT go to Twitter

try to quit, but realize the internet is where my music comes from. Wondering what my most recent instagram picture of my couch potato dog says about me. Distract myself this time with hot chocolate. 30 minutes to go.

Feelings flutter between panic and motivated when I give my undivided attention. Like, right now. I'm actually Forced to write in my blog. And Ironically, it's what I had planned to do all weekend. It seems easier than going across the street to fix the insta lockout. 

In June 2015 I shuttered my personal FB page, leaving so-called friends to fend for themselves. You want a piece of me? Come and get it via Twitter, text, email, FaceTime or in person. I saw too many ads on FB mixed in with editorial (FB updates) that left me with heart burn, usually before I was even out of bed.

Pick a subjectt 


Every nine to 12 images pop in a new colour. 


Got colour pallet include six shade in each tone. 

It seemed too complicated to hide individuals (not friends) who were irritating me, as opposed to unfriend them. I had also worked from the other side, working on ad campaigns for this eager and growing market. Advertising in my feed (so in-tune with my needs of the day) both fascinated me and made me sick. After eight years, I said goodbye, closed my station. However, I do maintain a business page (which I'm currently considering putting to bed as well). I feel like FB

Tuesday March 27

Woke up feeling peace. Got my Instagram working again, then Captivate and Follow+ Laid in bed, browsed my feed and snuggled Ivan for a sec. Thought, wow. No deadlines. Again! I do have a few blogs due soon but or now I'm concentrating on writing my own shit. It's hard to keep up, trying to produce better content ie photos, not the same old, same old. I want to see new things, or old things in new ways. Give my dog a bone, think about deleting more photos off my phone, have a  bath, more coffee, captivate, new followers. A grey day will make for some challenging work in the photo department. Stress a lot over my last photo. The purple is not right. Going Barb's at noon with out Ivan to drop of old clothes and shoes. Did I mention it's raining. Think I should clean now, or bank, or bank, or write, or send/answer emails. 

Delete old images. Set timer for five and go. Ok fine, try it for 10 minutes a week. But becarefull it can be kind of like cutting your own hair, if you're not careful. You might end up with nothing. Put on my glasses, really wake up, look at calendar. 

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