A Sage Way To Start The Day

Except for a few months in my early 20 when I was into crystals, I never really took seriously anyone who talked about things like smudging rituals. To me they were indigenous American traditions and probably made sense at the time but and anyone who burned sage in sacred bowl to drive away negative energy was just wannabe hippies who had no idea what they were talking about. 

As much as I am a person who can feel energy from people, both good and bad, and I definitely get negative or positive vibes from spaces, I wasn't sold on the fact that dancing around a room with a bushel of burning sage would could do anything about it. 

Then one day when I was at Riverdale Trading Company (a hippy house and record shop on Queen Street East in Toronto), I asked about the sticks by the counter that smelled so good. Adam the sales guy told me they were Palo Santo Smudge Sticks. He also told me to just take one. 

When burned, Palo Santo wood gives off a warm and delicately sweet rosy-woodsy aroma. Word is that in Ancient times Incas used Palo Santo as a spiritual remedy, for purifying and cleansing. Ok, sure. So I took the took stick, carried it home, placed it on a shelf and didn't think about it for a few days. I could only get a short whiff of it whenever I passed it on my way in or out of the apartment. It was a smell I enjoyed however, one that immediately lifted my spirits.

The internet told me that once lit, a Santo Palo sticks will burn for a few seconds to a minute and then extinguish itself. It seemed easy enough one day afternoon recently when the air felt particularly stale. The smoke filling a space with a sweet warm fragrance. The smell reminded me of being in a sauna where with every new bead of sweat that popped through my skin was like a toxin forced from my body. It reminds me of being at my grandpa's cottage up north way back when, an extremely cleansed feeling of not only being in nature but letting in be in you. I suddenly felt so relaxed and at ease,

I let it burn for as long as it could, long enough to put me in a better mood. Suddenly so relaxed and at ease, I finally understand what it was all about. As much as I have been cynical about the benefits of "smudging" and the good fortunes brought on by the "holy wood" at the very least there smell takes my memory to a good place, removed any negative energy within my aura and uplift my spirits. In my opinion, this is a real sage way to start the day. 


Karen LloydComment