Exercise Probs

Dear Josephine, 


I really tried but couldn’t. Get to gym class on time, that is. Or, rather, get to gym class period. I had every excuse in the book not to go: nothing to wear, too cold, too far, quads in too much pain after my second and last class, too out of shape. 


Just in case you were wondering, I didn’t quit Framewrk because of you. I didn’t workout anywhere else for the rest of March. In fact, I just at cookies for the whole month and talked about working out: Where, when, why? 


Until about two years ago, my exercise routine was simply walking the dog a lot. Then it became walking the dog a short distance to the park and sitting on a bench a lot. Somehow I fooled myself into thinking this was still excercise, until one day I put a full length mirror in my kitchen where I slather cream cheese on bagels every other day and it was like, oh. ew. ow. 


Exageratingly, I describe my physic as hidden obese (kind of like my dog). I’m not fat but underneath all these winter clothes you won’t find any muscle. If my metabolism slowed a fraction, I would be much heavier than 137 pounds (which seem impossible to lose when you love ice cream like I do). Every four or five years I pick up some kind of hard core exercise routine, like bootcamp in 2012, and Goodlife in 2005. Those showed me what being in shape not only looked like but felt like. The more you move, the better you feel, no matter what.


Since my stint at Frmwrk, I’ve thought about where to go next. Maybe try the 24 hour gym east on Queen Street, then I can look around Common Sort and Value V on my home. Maybe I’ll speed jog with Leon. Or, maybe I’ll try burning calories via heavy duty home cleaning like mopping for 15 mins (43 calories). My New year’s goal WAS to be down to 130 on March 31 but that didn’t happen. Stay tuned. 

Karen LloydComment