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Hearing my late night boozy bartender neighbour next door neighbour Ben take a shower everyday at 1250 makes me feel like such a bum. I also wanted to ask about the use of subwoofers in the building. Are they allowed? Ben's music is currently beating down my walls. I've asked him several times in the past, usually when it's later at night, if he can turn it town but he ignores my requests. I just don't understand why someone needs a subwoofer and how they don't get it that everyone in the building can hear it. It's an extreme headache inducing nuisance, no matter what time of day it is. Anyway, I know I've been behind on rent so don't have two legs to stand on here, but I was just wondering. No matter how loud I get my music to drown it out, I can still  feel his noise and it's driving me crazy. Thanks KAREN.   PATRICK has been dispatched to the 2 nd floor to listen and talk to Ben. I know he does not seem to listen he doesn’t realize as the complaints build in his file he is giving me more and more to use at tribunal.   Any time it is after 11 pm you can call police.  Non emergency line and ask them to swing by.   You are not the only one it disrupts.  The lady below complains also.   I have spoken to him on a few occasions and given him written warnings.  Keep me posted on any future issues with him.    His file is getting thicker!!!   Thanks for update on rent.  I’m very happy we are even.  Let do our best to keep it paid up by months end moving forward !!

Thanks Bill! All good otherwise. Work is steady finally. I work all hours and I guess that’s why his music/dog bother me so much. I either can’t sleep, or can’t concentrate and don’t want my work to suffer for it. I know I could go out to a coffee shop and work but trying not to spend money. Anyway Patrick came up and said it wasn’t loud enough to talk to him given the time of day. I disagree but I guess that’s what you get with apartment style living. Patrick is going to come back up and check it out in an hour. Thanks for looking into it so quickly. 





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