Curbside Shopping

I have grown to look forward to curb shopping on the daily. Degrassi is like the Yorkville of Riverside. Better than Vallue Village for odds and ends. 

Over the years, I have collected three lamps, SIX chairs, a chaise lounge, a full length mirrora yoyo, a tea cup, the list goes on. Unless it's really cool like the crochet blouse on found hanging on a fence in East York, I don't usually pick up clothes. Although, by the end of this winter I thought about starting a hats, mitts and gloves business after counting dozens upon dozens of colourful, and soaking wet or frozen winter accessories lost on snow pile. I don't wear gloves because I inevidably lose them, and I don't like how my fingers feel trapped behind the wool or fleece or leather. Maybe it's because I used to smoke? That's why I really liked the striped green and black fingerless mittens I found on Jones Avenue, in September 2016. A friend loved them so much she told me, with a twinkle of envy, to keep my eye on the road for another pair. I laughed. As a curb shopper, I am also a curb giver. Rather than carry a pile of books, dishes, etc to Value Village, I take them to garden at the front of my building where they are usually picked over and have disappeared by the second day. Once, I left perfectly good (and cool) but just not my style any more clothes on the fence in the park behind my apartment. Mostly because I'd rather someone have them for free than have to pay for it at Value V. It was as much an anti-consumerist political statement as it was my laziness and not wanting to carry three bags for three blocks. Later, I realized others, might be weary of curb clothes, like me, due to possible bed bugs, so I nixed that idea and now walk them up to a friend to sort through, take what she likes, or give away. 

While you can't get everything on the curb, and you certainly wouldn't want to, it's a great way to feel like you've just found gold, especially if you love it. I loved my fingerless gloves, love the teacup, and the dandelion pendant I found on Cherry Beach. I was walking home from VV today and because they had a 50% off sale and ran into my neigbour in the alley. He was coming from Degrassi and carrying a mirror. I had forgotten was a curbshopper and asked him  he got it a the VV sale. It was full length, not a scratch, with a white frame. He had been looking for one just like it everywhere. This one he found on Degrassi. I a little envy since I look there every day, but also happy for him, and happy to know the curb shopping class is a growing one. 

It beats the Eaton’s centre, and it's cheap.

Karen LloydComment