Art Scene

WHen I first move to Toronot in May 2014 I thought the city’s elusive arts scene was strictly a west queen west thing where well known and bougeaoning its artists gathered around large works of art and discussed the meaning, the process or the unique qualities.. 


After a year I met a couple of “artists” in the east end who told me about the mysterious west end but instead showed me around galleries east of the DVP. At first I thought it wasn’t the real deal and proceed to Google art galleries in Toronto’s west end but nothing inspired me, also I was too scared to go to any kind of posh opening by myself. I felt like a poser, even though I really enjoy art. I felt like art was a scene a seen that I wanted to be part of.


After going to a couple of openings, once transported to and fro on the back of my friend’s bicycle, tFor some it’s all about the free cheese and crackers and wine. For others it’s networking, others still it’s a celebration or an appreciation of art. hese events mean something different to everyone, and isn’t that just what art is? 


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