Working from home is hot. Not

Who says working from home isn't glam?

“You have no right (to be) on Queen Street," the imaginary convo between myself and Toronto's self-appointed fashion police always begins. Or maybe, "You are bringing down property values in Riverside."

It's 9am and I'm rushing to the park with usual bed head, ripped jeans, inside out tee, and deep pillow creases across the right side of my face.

"My dog needs to poo! The streetcars have long gone west," I say to her (to myself) self-consciously. Nobody cares. Broad views, minds too narrow to see. In reality, nobody cares but me.

Ok, it's totally not glam, especially in the winter when my weekly attire revolves around big sweaters, wool socks, and Harvey Woods long underwear. Yes, floating into work (or school) on a mattress used to be a dream of mine as a kid. However, I didn't realize I would be wearing my pajamas at the office.

Oh dear.

This year, I vow to play dress up, even if I am a grown up working from the confines of my studio apartment all day, even if I sometimes work from bed, even if I don't see another human being for weeks. When you dress like Harvey Woods, you feel like Harvey Woods and, no offense Harvey Woods, but there's a new CEO in the (dining room).


I surmise in such a dress you would want to sit with good posture at the kitchen table, paint your nails black, listen to CBC while you lay down a sentence or two, and eat carrot sticks for lunch. It would feel fancy and fun like every day at work should feel, not boring and stretched out like it's starting to feel in my stretch pants.

I also love this dress by Ted Baker at Antiques on Queen in Port Hope. All I can tell from the Instagram post is that Ted Baker is elegant and vintage and seemingly much more capable of running my business and writing stories than Harvey Woods, or even Ophelia for that matter.

What do you wear when you work from home in January? Are you a lounge lizard like me or do you try to dress up, even from the waist up? I would love to hear about your freelance style whether it's fancy, fun, far-out, or just plain fugly. Gimme the scoop. :)

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