Pen At Work

Unlike other pen brands I've owned, my styling pink Unicorn-Pen by Seltzer Goods was always in sight, a quiet muse on my desk, kitchen counter or the night table beside my bed, just in case an idea sprouted past midnight. We were like best friends and since I thought this pen was the one, I started to include more pink in my wardrobe and paint my nails to match. The pen became a better writer, too. Smooth black ink would glide across my notepad like an Olympic figure skater. We worked well together. Together we were deep, dynamic, and even daring, evoking feelings with words and rhymes that have yet to be shared with anyone. 

After showing signs of deterioration last week, my pen's smooth black ink eventually ran dry Wednesday morning. We were in the midst of Attic, a poem. T was her final letter.

At first, I was in denial and then I was desperate, pacing around, looking through the junk drawer for replacement pens and pencil crayons, and then I became angry and felt mislead by Seltzer Goods. I wanted to complain to the company that my pen had died after only seven months but then realized I had probably written more than the average person recently, often taking my favourite pen with me to interviews and using it record many conversations. Perhaps I pushed it too far. Perhaps I should have used a voice recording app on my phone for interviews or pontificated with my laptop more often.

After the funeral, I did some research and found the Seven Year Pen doesn't just magically last for seven years but rather has "enough ink to write as much as two meters a day for seven years." A little more digging and calculating told me that's just over five kilometers of writing, two more kilometers of words and doodles than a ballpoint pen could ever compose. While $10 is a bit much to spend on a pen, especially for a writer, for seven months it did help me write. Maybe it was the pen's cute graphics, superior quality, or its ability stand on a crowded desk and never get lost. If you're looking for a pen to taunt you to come up with words on days you think you can't, and to write like there's no tomorrow on days you think you can, then a Seltzer Goods pen is a great investment, just don't expect it to last for seven years. 

Karen LloydComment