The Best Dog Food Is Your Breakfast

Cooking for my dog has been a blast. Says him. It’s the best dog food ever, Ivan tells me every morning as he sits by the refrigerator and not so patiently waits for me to get out of bed. He wants breakfast. Now. He is practically smiling. It melts my heart but homemade dog food isn't exactly thumbs up.

It all started this New Year's Eve when I decided to cook up a feast for my baby and roll him into 2018 on a full belly. I was super excited, as tragic as it sounds, to chop carrots, and sweet potatoes, and chicken, and stir it all together in two large pots with barley, peas, diced tomatoes, and most importantly, love. As a single mom of a six-year-old dog, I don't party much anyway. 

In addition to being healthier for Ivan, I thought this diet was going to be economical for the new year. After all, I would be cooking for two. Ok, not really. The truth is I have had only ONE lick of the best dog food, ever. What was I thinking? Ripping apart chicken thighs made me want to barf and the second 10-day batch (which should only be around a few more days, thankfully) is full of chicken hearts which feel spongy when you accidentally to the touch them. Disgusting. It's also extremely bland. Ew. 

We are now 14 days into January and Ivan… well, he’s beyond thriving. A daily diet of homemade stew full of healthy ingredients will do that to a person/dog. I, on the other hand, am steadily shedding pounds on my all (leftover) carrot diet. So, yeah, it's been economical. Ok, I did make scrambled eggs the other morning in order to provide Ivan with the proper amount of calcium. Apparently, half a teaspoon of crushed eggshell contains 900 mg of calcium and a 60 Ilb pound dog like Ivan needs 1,600 mgs. I also drink lots of water now to stay full, eat an apple a day, and I’m playing around with new pasta shapes at dinner time. My diet is mostly very basic now because I feel like I’m in the kitchen all the time cooking for a brown beast that says thank you via burp. If I’m not defrosting dog food in the fridge, I’m heating it up in the microwave for two minutes, or three, or four. I always have to dip my finger into the bowl to make sure the temperature is just right. The other morning Ivan barked at me because the food was too hot! It's kind of funny but I really don’t dig this day in and day out. I also have to mash up and hide the vegetable aspect of his dish, and most days I feel like I work in a nursing home or daycare centre. If I’m not feeding him, I’m washing dishes, pots, pans, and loads of Tupperware.

The thing is, Ivan got me into the expensive habit of topping his breakfast and dinner with about a cup of canned dog food every day. If I didn't I was a bad mom, so neglectful. I never actually measured the amount, nor have I looked very closely at the ingredients in this particular dog food brand because I find dog food ingredients hard to decipher. Either way, I can’t imagine it's exactly wholesome. Not only was I going bankrupt but I was also feeling guilty for not giving him the best dog food ever.

Now? I can’t wait to get him back on kibble. Bring it! Instead of canned food though, I’ll top it with a bit of even better dog food, the best dog food, healthy food I cook for me.

What do you feed your dog? How do you keep your dog's diet healthy, economical, and yum enough to eat? I'd love to hear from you!

Karen LloydComment