Gone are days when you didn't need a yellow smiley face with red heart eyes to express your love and adoration for something or someone. 

As an avid Instagrammer, text communicator, and someone who appreciates the beauty of language, I cringe when I see emojis used to describe thoughts and feelings, especially in posts and comments on social media. Food emojis? Sure. Use a cucumber if you posting a photo of that amazing cucumber and snap pea salad you just made and are so proud of, same with any fruit or vegetable. Posting a selfie with your new Colorlicious lipstick in Ravishing Rose? Go ahead put that lipstick emoji to use. Don't forget to hashtag #cute and tag Covergirl before you hit share. This is fine. These emojis make sense. They're jazzing up a block of text and adding colour to your description. Cool. 

Unless used in moderation, like maybe one for every five words, Emojis can be a very loud and obnoxious way to say basically nothing at all. Adults who overuse emojis risk coming across like low IQ teenagers. Emojis lack wit and imagination and, in my opinion, show that humanity Is  de-evolving since only cavemen use symbols to express themselves. They're aggravating, appear spammy, thoughtless, and are a total turn off. Not to mention your emoji comments aren't doing yourself or your inst community any favours when comes to the algorithm.  More on that in a later post. For now let's just say, Instagram promotes a more thoughtful and sincere way of interacting with other humans on the platform. 

In my opinion, the most annoying, useless, inconsiderate and need to be taken out of the keyboard emoji is the laughing with tears guy. Who laughs so hard until they cry at everything! It's the equivelant of ROTFL which was also extremely annoying about five years ago. 

Mr. heart eyes and the ok hand sign are also equally cringe-worthy emojis.

Am I a weirdo for not getting the appeal? Apparently, emojis are no longer cool in Japan. I wonder if they will die out here?

Karen LloydComment