In may a walked away from one the degrassi neighbourhood yard sale with five extra dollars after selling my old beat up black leather coach purse, an red and white umbrella for two dollars, a mesh bag for 25 cents and an armful of fabric sample books that I have know idea what to do with. The lady, an interior designer who sold four of them to me for one dollar, said someone else who had purchased a few of her books was going to try bunting, which until then I thought was a word related to cake. Love, the umbrella, the mess and bag, and the fabric, too, but I don't know what to do with it. 

After looking online for ideas, I was still not inspired until one day, one thing led to another and I cut a unicorn shape out of a burnt orange courdoroy type of materaal and then procede to glue it onto  another slice of 10 x 10 fabric, which reminds me of carpet in a hotel. I used those peices because I didn't particularly like them and wouldn't care if my project didn't turn out. Well turns out, it doesn't look too shabby and anyway, I like shabby (chic). Not I might even frame it, and figure out a way to polish it up and get rich quick. 

So I have all this fabric, like over 200 swatches and my mind keeps wandering in thier direction, almost like a new responsibility, but something I'd love to turn around. Make something of. 

Here are some ideas for fabric samples that I did come across and might try. 

Jar topper, pencil case, handbag, light switch covers, storage boxes


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