Apps for writers

Apps for writers


Here are my top five apps for writers. 


Whether you’re blogging, writing website content, creating an instagram post, or tweeting a little Thesaurus goes a long way. 


Prime Rhyme So you're writing a song or a poem and are frustrated from searching for the right rhyme? Then you're in the right place!

Our automated rhyming dictionary will fix you the perfect rhyme, that will make you look like the poet you always wanted to be Find rhymes for a word and see their definitions right in the app!


A perfect helper when writing songs, poems, limericks and doing rap-battles!


Prime Rhyme is a rhyme finder that lets you search for words that rhyme with any words






* “the best in the [inexpensive dictionary] category... This wealth of information is indispensable to the student, and even fun to use” - Jeff Phillips, Macworld


* “One of 15 Best iPhone Apps for English Majors” - April Lentini,


* “None measure up to WordBook” Score: 10/10 - Michael Alexander,


* “WordBook leads the parade of free and low-cost dictionary options” - Ben Boychuk,


* “WordBook's iPhone dictionary - the standard for reference apps” Rating: 5/5 - Steven Yaccino,





- WordBook does not required an internet connection except to view web dictionaries or to play online pronunciation voices.

  • WordBook includes entries of both American/British spellings. Definitions are written in American English.

Available for: iOS and Android


What it'll cost you: $3


What it does: This may seem obvious, but a really excellent dictionary and thesaurus is a must-have app for every aspiring writer. Word book has etymological information, a built-in spell checker with pop-up suggestions, a thesaurus and word links connecting words semantically, bookmark and history management, and — get this — a professionally recorded pronunciation for every single entry.


Why writers need it: Misspelled words are the mark of the lazy. If you have any doubt, go to the authority. Plus, the thesaurus is nothing short of magical.




Grammarly’s Mobile Keyboard is the personal editor you can take with you wherever you go. With hundreds of checks and features and seamless integration, Grammarly helps you type with ease in any app. Whether you’re sending an urgent email, important LinkedIn message, or essential Facebook post, you can write from your phone with confidence.


Mistake-Free Writing

– Sophisticated grammar checker

– Contextual spelling checker

– Advanced punctuation correction

– Vocabulary enhancements and synonym finder


Works Everywhere

– Keyboard integrates smoothly with all apps

– Easy to set up 


Improve Your Skills

– See short, clear explanations for every correction 

– Helps you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future


A Better Auto-Correct

– Keyboard lets you know when it auto-corrects your spelling

– Helps you spot auto-correct fails before you hit send



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